The Best Home Remedies for Treating Hemorrhoids

19 Jul

This is the swelling of veins around the rectum which are usually brought by constipation or unending diarrhea. There are signs that one get to find such as itchiness around the rectum, pain and bleeding in stool. Hemorrhoids on normal cases are part of the body but when infected they swell and this makes them look abnormal.

Hemorrhoids get swollen when the pressure of the vessels increase. Below are the factors that causes the increase in pressure that lead to swollen hemorrhoids. Pregnancy makes the uterus enlarge hence increase in pressure for the rectum causing swellings.

If one has had a rectal surgery in the past, it causes this condition in most cases. If one gets injuries in the spinal  or rarely stays in the right posture, they are likely to be affected by this condition. Low fiber foods when consumed makes the blood vessels to increase pressure and lead to swelling of the hemorrhoids. To know more, check out 
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These swellings can also be caused by colon cancer since the intestines develop a tumor that increases pressure of the vessels.  These swellings get to release mucus that causes inflammation around the area. The swellings produces skin tags that usually appear around the anus that may cause infection since they are also painful.

Diagnosis is usually done to detect the condition whereby in case no results are found, the examiner recommends a scan. The hemorrhoids can be treated through various methods like home remedies that are much better and easier to perform at home. One is able to reduce inflammation by intake of foods that are less spicy.

To reduce the inflammation, one is advised to sit in a warm water bath that covers the buttocks and the hips. To avoid irritation, one is supposed to wipe the area gently after the bath. It is advisable that one uses some petroleum jelly since it forms a protection on the area to stop damage and itchiness.

It is essential to take a bed rest since this reduces the pressure that causes the irritation. Laying on bed with a side posture allows the vessels to relax and reduce inflammation since it is a comfortable posture. One is advised to avoid using much pressure on the anal area since it reduces the pressure of the vessels. Get to know more about 
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Wearing cotton pants and loose clothing help in preventing moisture not to build up that irritates the hemorrhoids. One can use ice packs on the affected area to reduce swelling and irritation. Avoiding taking a lot of time in the toilet helps reduce risks of vessels enlargement and this in turn helps reduce swelling. It is important to sit up and lift the leg up a bit since it helps one in reducing the inflammation.

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